The first textbook about the Tunnel Firefighting Procedure

Many course participants at the International Fire Academy asked for a written version of the Tunnel Firefighting Procedure with background information for operation preparations. Such documentation is now available: for the first time the textbook Firefighting Operations in Road Tunnels gives a full overview of the Tunnel Firefighting Procedure for road tunnels developed by the International Fire Academy. The book is available in german, french and english.

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The textbook „Firefighting Operations in Road Tunnels“ is devided into 6 chapters

International Fire Academy Balsthal (CH)Introduction/look inside: why do we need a tunnel firefighting procedure?

Emergency tunnel of the San Bernardino road tunnelTunnel Design: which special features of a tunnel have to be known and paid attention to by fire services?

Firefighting in a tunnelHazards: what makes firefighting in road tunnels particularly dangerous and how can the risks be systematically reduced?

Tunnel training in BalsthalOperation tactics: what can fire services do at tunnel fires? What tactical options are there and what has proven itself in practice?

Special equipment: search stickEquipment & Techniques: how can firefighters under high strains fight fires safe and efficient and perform search and rescue within tunnels? Which aids substantially support firefighters thereby?

Maintenance in an tunnelOperation preparations: how can fire services prepare themselves for tunnel fires efficiently?

Content and size of the textbook

International Fire Academy (pub.)
Firefighting Operations in Road Tunnels
Tactics – Techniques – Background

144 pages in colour
leg pocket size (12.2 x 16 cm)
cover with thread stitching in a sturdy plastic envelope.
122 figures in colour

Published in 2016.  CHF 19.90 / 19.90 Euro per copy. Bulk price: starting at CHF 17.50 / 17.50 € .

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